50%OFF Businesses Carpet Disinfecting & Cleaning Minimum $200.00

50%OFF Lemon Disinfecting Carpets.

Perfect Eye,love getting rid of dirty germs in commercial buildings.

First-Perfect Eye - spray carpet with pre-spray cleaner,this kill germs an bacteria in carpet.

Second-Machine scrub carpet with shampoo. (It's Free)

Third- We hand scrub dirty spots in carpet with stain remover.

We don't charge extra for getting up spots in carpet.

Fourth-We use hot water steam extraction cleaner.

Fifth - Spraying all carpet with lemon deodorizer an it's free.

Example - Cleaning procedures we use to clean an deodorize carpets.

1 - Extraction cleaner

2 - Pre-Spray cleaner

3 - Clean stains in carpets for free using stain remover. No extra charges for cleaning stains. 

4 - For free we shampoo an scrub your carpets. That will brighten up color in carpet.

5 -  It's free, we're spray all carpets with a deodorizer when we're done cleaning.

Mnimum of carpet cleaning is