Once germ viruses invade our bodies,they snuggle in for a long stay.

They gobble up nutrients and energy,and can produce toxins,which are proteins that actually like poisons.

Those toxins can cause symptoms of common infections,like fevers,sniffles, rashes,coughing,vomiting and diarrhea.

Their four major types of germs are:bactera,viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Germ viruses can get into the body through the mouth,nose, breaks of skin,eyes and genitals.

Once diseases causing germs are inside the body they can stop it from working properly.

Infection occurs when viruses, bacteria,or other enter your body and begin to multiply.

Diseases occurs when the cells in your body are damaged as a result of infections and signs and symptoms of a illness appears.

In response to infection, your immune system springs into action.

This is the reason why we love disinfecting and stopping germ viruses coming into commercial buildings.

So customers and employees don't get sick.